Video Cutter For WhatsApp Status Online

WhatsApp status allows only 30s video duration. So Using this online tool you can cut or split large duration of video file into multiple part of 30 seconds.

Features Of WhatsApp Video Cutter

User Friendly

You can use WhatsApp Video Cutter site online from mobile and desktop. It is user friendly online site. Simply upload your big video file and press upload button. Our WhatsApp Video Cutter tool split this big video file into part of 30 seconds.

Super Fast Speed

Our WhatsApp Video Cutter uses latest technology to split video file. So within few seconds it will split big video files into part of 30 seconds video.


User's Data are totally secure. You can delete your uploaded video file from server manually. And after a few minutes the data will be automatically deleted from the server.

Free To Use

This WhatsApp Video Cutter tool is totally free to use. You can use this online tool from mobile and desktop.

How WhatsApp Video Cutter Works

WhatsApp Video Cutter is online web app where you can split big video file in 30s. For this you need to simple upload your big video file. Then our this web app automatically split this big video files into part of 30s.You can download this all parts free.

About WhatsApp Video Cutter Online

WhatsApp Video Cutter Online is totally free to use web application. You do not need to install any special software to use this. There is a rule of WhatsApp that user can not upload video file more than 30s on WhatsApp status.

Therefore the user has to split the large video files into 30s.But How? Here is solution. Using this WhatsApp Video Cutter Online tool you can split video into 30s and upload on whatApp status.